Rasa Holistic is devoted to following the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, with its balanced and effective approaches to using food as medicine.

Pairing traditions from the East and the West, Rasa Holistic applies the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda the ancient knowledge to the modern diet or lifestyle. We enjoy blending the creative with the technical, and always find ourselves playing with spices at home. We work to create products so that others may nourish themselves and find inspiration in the kitchen once again.


Our passion for fair trade, sustainability and organics is woven into how we source our dairy, spices and herbs. Locally or wild harvested when we can, or from international companies that hold high standards in all these same business practices.

Our dairy comes from Notre Dame creamery and uses some of the best cream available in southern MB. Grass-fed cattle pasture is a vital refuge for wildlife in an increasingly industrialized rural environment. Supporting our local dairy farmers is our environmental obligation.


The importing of spices is arguably the oldest global trade. We are excited to be a part of these ancient networks and see this as a part of our traditional practice. We source our spices from a supplier who is dedicated in providing the highest quality spices, grown in the most traditional environments and fully supports the locals of that region through fair trade.They are dedicated to Organics, being gmo free and pesticide free, which ensures healthy soil, watershed and people who work the land. Mountain Rose Herbs is a Fair For Life certified handler and a supporter of small farm group projects.


Once we bring the ingredients in, we toil over bubbling vats and hot pots to craft our creations. After the jars are hand poured, we manually apply the labels then set out to market and sell the products locally.

The Rasa Family
The Rasa Family